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Bathroom Installation Design
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Bathroom Installation Axminster
Bathroom Design Process
When designing a bathroom there are many different aspects to take into consideration
that can seriously affect the overall feel and practicality. These considerations can be both large and small including aspects such as themes and colours, layout and
efficiency and plumbing and fixtures.
Click the stages to find out more about the design process
  1. Inspiration 2. Meeting 3. Home Visit 4. CAD Design
  5. Presentation 6. Finalise Design 7. Installation 8. Aftercare
Bathroom Installation Axminster
1. Inspiration
Deciding the possibilities with your bathroom,
looking at inspiration galleries, looking through the
showroom at styles & ideas.
2. Book a Design Meeting
Come and visit our locally based showroom in Honiton, tell the designer the style, budget and the space that
you would like to be working with.
Bathroom Installation Axminster
Bathroom Installation Axminster
3. Home Visit
We will come and visit your home to assess the space
and take measurements so we can put a virtual design together for you and the installers.
4. Design Creating (CAD)
The designer will create a 3d CAD concept of your
bathroom to demonstrate in rough format of what your bathroom will look like.
Bathroom Installation Axminster
Bathroom Installation Axminster
5. Presentation
The designer will then produce a presentation on the whole design concept to make sure that you are completely
happy with the bathroom.
6. Finalisation of Design
Finalisation of the design, see if you want to alter anything before the installation takes place. A deposit will be
required at this point.
Bathroom Installation
Bathroom Installation Axminster
7. Installation
We will set a date which works with you and the installers.
The team will supply install all of the products for your
bathroom design and get straight to work.
8. Aftercare Service
The design team will be on hand to help with any
problems or queries which you may have after your
bathroom installation.
Bathroom Installation Axminster
More Information on these specifics:
Themes & Colours
Eye Catching Features
Making the space useful
Maintenance & Community
Fixtures & Accessories
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