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We at Honiton Tile & Bathroom have the expertise to be able
to help create a unique and modern bathroom.
Axminster Bathroom Design
Creating a bathroom this is truly suited to you brings an ordinary cold room into a room that offers relaxation and ambiance. Have you thought of what colour you will incorporate into your design or what theme would best suit your lifestyle and home? A modern bathroom doesn't suit all and can look quite out of place in a home that offers its own character and history.

A rustic bathroom can offer a relaxed environment for those that want to incorporate the overall feel of a country home into their bathroom whilst still including their own personality and individuality. Light colours can provide a softer feel to your bathroom whilst still creating a room that promotes practicality and efficiency. For those looking for a modern bathroom, you can receive a clean and efficient room that offers a simple and unfussy design that invites harmonious relaxation.

What tiles will you use and how do you want them to partner with your bathroom features? Do you want to create striking lines and eye catching focal points or integrate softer features that give smooth lines and rounded edges? As aspects that all come together to create an overall ambiance, deciding on a theme and what colours to use can be very tricky when you consider how you want your bathroom to look and feel. Mixing themes such as modern and rustic can be interesting though difficult, creating a bathroom that is full of contradictions yet still offers a relaxing environment to enjoy.
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